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Herbal & Natural Medicine

Herbal medicine is the study of pharmacognosy and the use of medicinal plants. Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history, and such traditional medicine is still widely practiced today. 


Herbal medicine is a comprehensive healing modality that offers clients specific and personalized botanical remedies that help to restore and maintain balance, stability, and harmony. The whole person is addressed in this approach to healing, which means that diet, lifestyle, physiological, environmental, and emotional factors are all fully into account. As an herbalist I believe that the healing process starts with empathy, with attentive listening to the needs and concerns of the patient which would be yourself!


Herbal medicine is ecological medicine in that it is rooted in the teaching of the interconnectedness of all life forms and celebrates and respects all of the living beings that make up the complex web of life that comprises our planet. Through bridging herbal medicine and modern scientific understanding, we can arrive at a full and complete picture of the natural, environmental, material, and cultural contexts of healing and the disease process.


Initial Consult (30 minutes) $50.00

First Session (60 minutes) $200.00

Each Following Session (60 minutes) $95.00

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