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Chloe Douglas takes a holistic approach to wellness and success in life and each coaching session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. You will talk about things beyond food - seeking to bring balance to important elements of your life such as love and relationships as well as career and money. Chloe will personally and carefully guide you to make simple, small changes that can really transform your life. The majority of her work is done during one-on-one sessions.

Examples of health coaching services offered:

- Meal plans

- Pantry makeovers

- Grocery shopping/Farmer's Market trips

- Cooking sessions and demos

- Recipe development

- Detox tips and tools

- Stress management workshops/recommendations

- Meditation workshops/recommendations

- Financial planning recommendations

- Basic essential oils tips (aromatherapy)

- Better sleep techniques

- And more

Chloe specializes in women's health and fertility, and also offers Fertility Coaching Support. These sessions include:

- An hour virtual or in person session and on-call email support

- Personalized holistic plan for maximizing fertility

- Informational support regarding charting, alternative practitioner referrals, and what to expect through traditional reproductive technologies and interventions

- Self-care strategies through relaxation techniques, fertility visualization and guided meditation

- An examination of your dietary and lifestyle practices to help better align you with your goals, including advice on how to detox your home from fertility-limiting toxins

Chloe also offers Post-Fertility Treatment Support as part of this package.

Initial Consult (30 minutes) $50.00

First Session (60 minutes) $270.00

Each Following Session (60 minutes) $95.00

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